Lindblad Expeditions & Off the Beaten Path

Together for future adventures

We look forward to a productive partnership to broaden our offerings and our impact in the world's wild places."

—Sven-Olof Lindblad, President & CEO

Lindblad Expeditions has become the majority shareholder of Off the Beaten Path (OBP), a specialist in small-group and private custom journeys.This alignment and partnership of two exceptional, environmentally enlightened travel companies will broaden opportunities for inspired travel for guests and fans of both companies.

We have history with Off the Beaten Path

Based in Bozeman, Montana, OBP is most well-known for providing distinctive insider national park experiences in the Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest, and Alaska, and for connecting the heart of the traveler with the soul of the place. Their small group and private custom product offerings also include unique trips across Europe, Africa, Australia, Central and South America and the South Pacific. 

We share a history and an interest in these geographies. In fact, in the early, Special Expeditions era of Lindblad Expeditions, many of the U.S. expeditions we offered were designed in conjunction with Off the Beaten Path. We share the same core values and commitment to sustainable travel, and Lindblad’s partnership with the National Geographic Society provides the perfect complement. So, when the opportunity to acquire a majority interest in Off the Beaten Path occurred, Sven Lindblad entered into it wholeheartedly.

Coming soon! More land-based adventure travel

The acquisition of Off the Beaten Path means more choices in exploring the planet's capitals of wildness. Through OBP’s roster of possibilities, combined with that of Natural Habitat Adventures (Nat Hab), in which we acquired a majority stake in 2016, we are able to offer you and other travelers a host of new land-based expeditions that mirror our values in active engaged travel, conservation and more. And both OBP’s and Nat Hab’s guests will enjoy a wealth of new ship-based options, as well. Love national parks? Experience the rare opportunity to visit the remote Channel Islands National Park aboard National Geographic Quest or National Geographic Venture. Then let OBP’s team custom-craft an unparalleled experience for you in Yosemite, the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, or Northern California’s lesser known winegrowing regions.

Pioneering developments ahead

Lindblad Expeditions, Off the Beaten Path, and Natural Habitat Adventures have built their reputations on creating innovative travel opportunities and a deep commitment to sustainable tourism. Look for exciting future developments as our three companies work together to create incredible programs for 21st century exploration.

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