Stephen Wilkins


Stephen Wilkins is an energetic individual with two main passions—meeting new people and exploring remote locations. He started sailing as a child while living in Papua and New Guinea with his family, and as a professional sailor and qualified merchant mariner he has navigated over 390,000 nautical miles throughout the world.

Stephen's passion for remote locations first took him to Antarctica in 2003 and then the Arctic in 2010. He has conducted experimental and extreme expeditions in the southern high latitudes as captain and expedition leader.

His interests and skills have evolved over the years and include meteorology, hydrography, and maritime training; his loves and enjoyments include photography, music, writing, water sports, trekking, and always remaining young in spirit as every day is a learning opportunity.

Australian born, in addition to English, he speaks Spanish and French at a competent conversational level and has interests in many other cultures and nationalities.

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