Pamela Villablanca

Cultural Specialist

Chilean by birth, Pamela was grafted to the wine industry in 2003 in California thanks to Huneeus Vintners, owners of Veramonte, Quintessa & Flowers. She took the evaluation of Court of Master Sommelier and later selected South American wines from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to be imported by a boutique wine club in Napa Valley. She is among the first wine professionals to design organized wine tours through the impressive wine lands of Chile for prestigious special interest trip agencies.

She collaborates as a partner and writer on and constantly researches on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, bridging the mining industry and wineries in the highlands of the Atacama Desert. Today she is preparing her master's thesis in branding applied to ethnography and the wine business. With over ten years of experience in the wine and gastronomy industry, she is the founder of Latam SCA, the first Latin American alliance in service and specialty coffee.

She looks forward to surprising our guests with wine tastings and great conversations about the current challenges of wine & gastronomy in the region, as well as sharing history, culture and local stories.


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