Morten Hilmer

Guest Speaker

Morten Hilmer will lead a photo workshop and will be joining exclusively between Copenhagen to Bergen May 15 – 17 and the following voyage from Bergen back to Copenhagen June 14-16.

Nature photographer Morten Hilmer was born in 1980 in Denmark. At age 13 his fascination with nature led him to buy his first camera. It was this passion, together with a desire to see the Arctic, which led him to join one of the world’s most specialized military units, the Sirius Sledge Patrol, which operates as park rangers in northeast Greenland. Together with a colleague, 15 dogs and his camera, Morten drove a dog sled almost 10,000 kilometers through the world’s biggest national park. After 26 months of isolation in Greenland, he turned professional nature photographer.

The special Arctic training made it possible for Morten to work with his camera in extreme conditions for long periods of time, which has resulted in some unique photos. His work has been awarded in some of the world’s most prestigious competitions including the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Twice he has earned the title as Danish Nature Photographer of the Year. His photos and interviews regularly feature in Digital Photo, the most popular photography magazine in Scandinavia. Morten’s photos have been featured on BBC Earth, along with an interview discussing his time in the Sirius Sledge Patrol.

In his new book, Silence of the North, published in April 2017, Morten shows his very best photos and shares some of his most memorable moments from his many adventures in Nordic nature. A member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, Morten always pays careful attention to the welfare of his wild subjects. Through his photographs and experiences he wants to show other people the beauty of nature and wildlife, and the importance of protecting it.

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