Gustavo Barba


Born on mainland Ecuador in 1977, Gustavo was very attracted to nature from the time he was a child and he spent time learning several subjects related to the natural sciences. In 2003, he earned a degree in tourism management at Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial in Quito, and later became a certified national guide in Ecuador, having experience in the Amazon and Ecuadorian Andes since 2004.

In 2006, Gustavo became a certified scuba dive instructor at PADI, on the island of Santa Cruz, and began working as a diving guide in the Galápagos Marine Reserve, an activity which led him to becoming a professional underwater video photographer. As a diver and naturalist, Gustavo got involved with various science projects led by the Charles Darwin Research Station, including tagging sharks and monitoring turtles. This was a great experience which helped him to better understand all the problems affecting our marine environment. Being able to work as a naturalist guide all over Ecuador has also given him a greater understanding and respect for nature, a message he hopes to impart to all visitors who come to see Galápagos—he enjoys being a Conservation Ambassador for the region!

Traveling is another one of his passions and he has visited many countries including the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

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