Flip Nicklin


Flip Nicklin was born with both diving and photography in his blood.  His grandfather dove while wearing hard hat gear for construction. His father, Chuck, is a diver and underwater cinematographer, who taught his sons to become scuba divers. By the age of fourteen, Flip was helping his father teach people to dive off of the coast of Southern California, in La Jolla.

Most of his career has been"I started working in southeast Alaska in 1986," he explains, "and moved to Juneau a 17 years ago, one of the best decisions I ever made.  It is great fun to be on National Geographic trips in my own back yard.  The wildlife, the landscape and the people here are very special. 

"Nine of my 20 National Geographic Magazine stories are in Alaska or North, often shot in extreme conditions with very basic support.  To return to these areas with an experienced and knowledgeable team on a comfortable ship is an exciting opportunity.  To sail near whales and bears and glaciers is a dream come true.  To do all this with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic makes it all that much better.”

Flip has also worked with Lindblad and National Geographic in Antarctica, the Arctic, Baja California and Galápagos. Flip has also been published in several photography books, among them, Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mystery, Dolphins for Kids, Face to Face with Dolphins, Face to Face with Whales and Among Giants, A Life With Whales.  Flip was named “Photographer Of The Year for 2012” by the North American Nature Photography Association.

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