Global Explorers Program!

Our exclusive, new family friendly cruise program is smart fun for kids and teens

Our unique kids' program launched in Galápagos in 2017 and rolled out to Alaska for our 2018 season, and now it's available on our Baja expeditions! 

Kids and teens choose cool activities—from earning a Zodiac “driver’s license” to recording wildlife sightings in their Field Notebook—all designed to help them develop  the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an explorer. Guests under 18 will:

  • Have fun! They’ll take part in daily fun activities, all while making new friends and lifelong memories
  • Benefit from certified field educators: Our naturalists, newly minted as certified field educators, optimize daily learning opportunities 
  • Connect with nature: They’ll have direct contact with wildlife above and below the sea, such as snorkeling with sea lions in Galápagos and identifying whale flukes from the ship’s bow in Alaska 
  • Learn to be a storyteller: Through photos, videos, music, drawing and more, kids can use their creativity to tell stories about the unique things they’ll do and see along the way
  • Develop their observation skills: Daily “In the Field" activities will prompt kids to watch out for a particular item, like a creature with scales or a giant coral head on land, then record their observations in their Field Notebook

Fun and flexibility for all ages
The Global Explorers’ bulletin board is headquarters for daily activities and challenges, and kids can choose what they’d like to participate in each day. And schedules and activities both onboard and off ship are designed with families in mind: enjoy kid-friendly menus, movie night with pizza, a choice of hikes, and more.

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