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  • Along the Ring of Fire: Kamchatka, Kuril Islands & Hokkaido

    Discover the wild, northeastern most reaches of the Asian continent on an epic journey aboard the National Geographic Orion. Set sail from Alaska, crossing the fabled Bering Strait to explore the unspoiled shores of Russia’s Chukotka and Kamchatka and regions, where few humans have ever set foot.

  • Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil

    Extraordinary diversity and a dazzling array of points of interest await on this exploration through five countries, two legendary rivers, and a host of places few people ever see. Explore pristine Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO Site; grand Kaieteur Falls; and well-preserved colonial towns with a dramatic history.

  • Wild Peru Escape: Amazon & Machu Picchu

    Our expedition style of travel means getting out daily in a variety of ways to actively experience the wonders of the Upper Amazon. The 28-guest Delfin II broadens the notion of expedition to include spacious, air-conditioned comfort and five-star cuisine.

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  • The Wildness at the Heart of the World

    If there was anything good that came out of the pandemic, and it’s hard to say there was, it was the silence. As COVID-19 stilled human sound and motion, the whole world heard it: a silence in which something was calling out to be heard: THE WILDNESS AT THE HEART OF THE WORLD Sea lion...

    Nov 17, 2020

  • The Antarctic Peninsula: Life at the End of the Earth

    A new short film from National Geographic Pristine Seas reveals stunning footage of a frozen paradise 2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. Since then the legendary frozen wilderness has called to explorers, scientists, and storytellers, and inspired the imaginations of curious minds around the globe. In the past two centuries, this...

    Nov 10, 2020

  • The Galápagos Islands: Where It’s Shark Week All Year

    Sharks are majestic swimmers, apex predators, and resilient ancient animals, first appearing more than 350 million years ago and surviving the extinction of the dinosaurs. Nowadays, more than 400 shark species swim the world’s waterways, including every ocean as well as many rivers and even some freshwater lakes—but there’s no better place to witness these...

    Nov 6, 2020

  • Canada: From Coast to Coast to Coast

    When we, as Canadians, talk about our whole country, we say “from coast to coast to coast.” Canada’s three coasts feel very different underfoot. In the west, deep moss makes a trail that feels like walking over sofa cushions; in the east, long grasses swish and slap against your boots; and up north rocks and...

    Oct 26, 2020

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