A Day in the Life of Our Galapagos Expedition

No two days are alike on our Galápagos expeditions. Some days we snorkel two times in one day, or change course to observe a passing whale or giant sunfish. This is a look at the shape a given day might take.




deck of Endeavour II


6:00 AM: Whale Watch and Wellness


Early-risers join naturalists for sunrise coffee, fruit and fresh-baked pastries, served on the Bridge Deck forward, where we keep watch for whales and wildlife against a backdrop of one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Ship adjusts course to follow an accommodating and very rare blue whale. Yoga class (and a green smoothie) with Juliana at 0700 on the Observation Deck.


guests disembarking zodiac

8:00 AM: Away We Go!


After breakfast guests disembark in smoothly orchestrated waves: with some opting for a long lava walk, shorter wildlife stroll along the coast with a Zodiac cruise, or a Zodiac cruise only.


man photographing tortoise

11:00 AM: Photo Fun


Join Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor (and author of Galápagos: Life in Motion) Walter Perez for an engaging session photographing animal behavior.


staff surrounded by buffet

12:00 pm: Lunching local


Buffet Lunch is typically Ecuadorian today, exclusively sourced from Galápagos. Meet our chefs, who will be carving a roast pig from Floreana, and introducing other local specialties.


kids in zodiac

1::30 PM: Get Together, Take a tIme Out

Kids participating in the National Geographic Global Explorers program can get together with Paula to Fashion-A-Fish— creating and naming a new aquatic species with adaptations you invent. The teen group meets José in the Library to finish their trailer for the ‘Darwin comes to Galápagos’ movie.
And all ages learn about tomorrow’s Zodiac driving lessons at the Reception Hub! 


snorkeling with a penguin

2:30 PM: Snorkeling or Glass-bottom Boat


Zodiacs depart for snorkeling along the coast of Isabela Island—a great place to encounter green turtles, marine iguanas and more undersea life in these rich waters. Keep a close lookout for the tiny Galápagos penguins, flying through the waters after schools of tiny fish.


flightless cormorant

4:00 PM: Zodiac Safari


Prepare for an exhilarating Zodiac cruise along the coast— a showcase for volcanic features, nesting penguins and flightless cormorants and elusive Galápagos fur seals hauled out to rest. Help your naturalists search for the elusive Galápagos martin to report its presence and behavior to scientists at the Charles Darwin Foundation.


equator party

5:45 PM: Exactly On The Equator: VolcÁn Ecuador


Join us at the outside bar on the Observation Deck for wine tasting and some fun as we navigate north crossing the Equator at sunset. King Neptune may make an appearance—and bragging rights swag will be given out! 


musician playing guitar in lounge

5:45-6:45 PM: Ready for Recap


Everyone meets in the Lounge for tonight’s Recap and a preview of tomorrow. Naturalist Jonathan and National Geographic Global Explorer volunteers Elissa and Phil have a live demonstration planned of their haul from this afternoon’s plankton tow. Don’t be late!



9:00 PM: Seeing Stars


Night sky stargazing, if conditions allow. The Southern Cross is at its highest point in the sky after dinner tonight. Bring your binoculars for this show-and-tell with Carlos.



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