Top 10 Reasons

See why traveling to the Amazon with us should be on your must-do list

1. Exclusivity aboard the finest ship. Lindblad Expeditions is the only U.S. operator with exclusive use of the 28-guest Delfin II, the finest ship on the river.

2. Expedition Photography. Enjoy the services of an exclusive certified photo instructor aboard every departure, there to help you better understand your camera and take your best shots ever.

3. Kayaking. We provide nimble, comfortable kayaks designed to allow our guests to explore the Peruvian Amazon in an intimate, water-level way.

4. Passionate local naturalists plus Lindblad field expertise. Our combined knowledge provides in-depth interpretations of the wildlife and biodiversity of the region, designed to enhance the guest experience.

5. Maximizing opportunities. Our passion and experience in the region means well-timed excursions; and our commitment to "expecting the unexpected" allows us to take advantage of natural opportunities and sightings as they develop during the expedition.

6. LEX-style onboard experience. Our commitment to an Open Bridge policy, relaxed, open Top Deck, casual atmosphere, and unassigned seating at meals create a welcoming, informal environment.

7. Commitment to sustainability. Nearly everything onboard is locally sourced from the rainforest—including the silken hardwoods, colorful décor, and delicious fruit juices.

8. Commitment to the community. We provide opportunities to meet the ribereños, the native people of the Reserve, and learn more about life along the river and their commitment to sustainable traditions.

9. Five-star cuisine. The beautifully-prepared gourmet meals aboard Delfin II are creative, flavorful and based on sustainable, regional ingredients.

10. Options to extend. Our commitment to South America means numerous options to continue exploring—seamlessly link an Upper Amazon expedition with Galápagos, Machu Picchu, or Paracas & the Nasca Lines for the richest experience of the region.

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