Pack Your Camera

Capture Antarctica and take the best photos of your life

With penguins blissfully indifferent to our presence among them, snow-capped peaks rising straight from the sea, and empires of ice in every imaginable shape and hue of blue, Antarctica is a photographer’s paradise. Traveling with certified photo instructors—plus the benefits of our Expedition Photography program—ensures that you’ll enjoy every opportunity to create some of the best photos of your life.  

Close to incredible wildlife—with the insights for creating great photos
Join your certified photo instructor on Zodiac cruises among icebergs and walks along penguin colonies. Guests are never assigned to specific groups, so you’re welcome to explore alongside the staff photographer whose interests mirror your own and indulge your particular photographic tastes. You’ll be able to get closer than you’ve ever imagined to polar animals—and create magical photos with insights from our veteran naturalists and photographers. 

Onboard clinics and learning
Time spent sailing to and from Antarctica is thoughtfully passed with some photo-focused presentations. We engage in unique “share and learn” opportunities too, including one-to-one time with photographers in the ships lounge, on-board presentations and slideshows, plus “laptop gallery” events. Whether you think of yourself as a photographer, or just someone with a point-and-shoot, you’ll go home a better more confident image-maker.  

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