Our Ships in Baja California

Our expedition vessels, intimate in scale, far-reaching in ambition

Equipped for comfort and active exploration

The new 50-cabin National Geographic Venture comfortably accommodates 100 guests at a shallow draft depth, allowing us to navigate the inner reaches, providing the same intimate experiences of the charismatic regions we explore. Her twin expedition craft landing platforms allow us to rapidly get on and off the ship to take advantage of wildlife sightings and to ensure we maximize our time off the ship exploring. Designed with decades of expedition experience in the region, the vessel also features open decks, generous windows, and specialty tools for exploration—all which bring you closer in to these pristine wilds.

The Sea Lion provides the same incredible wildlife viewing opportunities as the Venture and can accommodate 62-guests in 31 outside cabins for an intimate exploration of Baja. Her inviting public spaces foster a sense of shipboard life where everyone is integral to the adventure, engendering a sense of expedition community. She has been compared by Andrew Evans, National Geographic writer, as the '"closest thing" to Cousteau’s Calypso he’s ever had the pleasure to be on.

A commanding view

A common constraint with wildlife viewing on a ship’s bow is that the anchoring gear takes up space and a single level allows only one row of guests to enjoy clean sightlines. Venture’s bow has been uniquely designed with the anchoring gear separated from guest space by a tiered viewing system—this enables multiple rows of guests to line the bow with unobstructed views so you won’t miss a thing. Two stairways on either side of the bow lead to an expansive observation deck one level up for a unique perspective. Or pull up a settee on the Bridge’s designated forward standing area and linger comfortably while wildlife-watching with your naturalists as you enjoy the vantage point that a ship’s bridge provides.

The Sea Lion is equipped with tools for exploration that guarantee us an in-depth experience in all the places we explore, and her open bow is a natural gathering place that accommodates the entire community at once for shared wildlife viewing experiences. Our expedition style is active, casual, and engaged. There is no need for formal clothing, and the services offered aboard ensure travel is effortless. Learn more about life aboard, including dining, or see our cabins. After a day of exploring, you’re invited to relax in Sea Lion’s open spaces on deck or recharge with a wellness treatment.

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