Supay Creek & Yarapa River

Jun 15, 2019 - Delfin II

Today we woke up to a spectacular light in the jungle. We explored the Ucayali River early in the morning with the golden-pink light as the sun was rising. Right after breakfast we boarded the skiffs to explore this tributary river of the Ucayali, along the riverbank we observed yellow-billed terns, black-collared hawks and Amazon king fishers. The sun was shining, and we cruised the intricate channels within the Yarapa River surrounded by a lush and green forest.

After a great ride along the river and wildlife observation we came back to the ship and a pod of pink dolphins put on a show right before our eyes.

Later we visited Yarapa Caño to spot wildlife in the golden hour. We observed wooly monkeys, orioles and tanagers, cotingas and thousands of other birds flying into the sunset. We returned to the confluence of the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers right at the birth of the mighty Amazonas River, and went closer to the riverbank to witness one of the most spectacular shows seen in the Amazon. Parakeets, orioles, weaving birds and many more were returning to firm land as the sun was setting, a landscape full of colors and sounds, an experience we will never forget.

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About the Author

Socrates Tomala

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Socrates was raised on Santa Cruz Island located in the heart of Galapagos Archipelago.  After a childhood filled with swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing and volunteering in conservation projects, he grew very passionate about the outdoors and the natural world. 

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