Jun 05, 2019 - National Geographic Explorer

We woke up in Bellsund, the outer part of two fjords, Van Keulenfjord and Van Mijenfjord. Just before breakfast, we spotted a polar bear walking along the shore of Van Mijenfjord. During the morning, the staff were introduced to the guests, and expedition leader David Berg gave a thorough orientation on Svalbard operations. The whole afternoon was spent at Vårsolbukt on the northern part of Bellsund, and most of the guests went ashore for a hike. This is an area well known for its rich wildlife.

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About the Author

Carl Erik Kilander


Carl was born in Norway and received a master’s degree in forestry and nature conservation from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in 1973. His professional experience is mainly connected to environmental issues and natural resource management on the Norway mainland and in Svalbard. A major part of his professional experience comprises planning and management of protected areas, particularly in the southern parts of Norway and Svalbard. During the period 1999-2001 Carl was Head of the Environmental Department at the Governor of Svalbard´s office. He has also been District Manager (southwestern Norway) followed by the position of Senior Environmental Adviser at the Norwegian State Forest Service.

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