El Barril and Sand Dollar Beach

Mar 28, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

We awoke in a different anchorage than that of previous days, in an area called El Barril on Magdalena Island. Colors of sunrise were an advice of a sunny and beautiful day in Baja California Sur. During the morning, we had the opportunity to kayak, cruise along the mangroves in an expedition landing craft, and test our balance on stand-up paddleboards. In the afternoon, we went ashore to Magdalena Island, where we had the opportunity to walk across the sand dunes to the Pacific Ocean side of the island where there is a large, sandy beach called Bahia Santa Maria or Sand Dollar Beach. We returned happy and thirsty and were rewarded on the beach with a beverage stand manned by National Geographic Sea Bird staff. What a great way to finish our stay in Magdalena Bay.

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About the Author

Octavio Maravilla


Octavio was born in Mexico City and moved to La Paz at age 19, to study Marine Biology at the Baja California Sur State University. He began his field research on California sea lions, working at Los Islotes, a small rookery close to La Paz City. Later, he expanded his research to all the sea lion colonies in the Gulf of California and over the Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula — aside sea lions, he studied three other species of Mexican pinnipeds, harbor seals, elephant seals, and Guadalupe fur seals.

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