Marañon River, Upper Amazon

Jan 01, 2019 - Delfin II

Happy New Year! Our second full day in the Upper Amazon was diverse, exciting, filled with wildlife, and we had wonderful weather from sunrise to sunset.  We walked, enjoyed skiff rides, were treated with the spectacular food on board, went kayaking, and enjoyed a fiery sunrise and sunset.

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About the Author

Mike Greenfelder

Undersea Specialist

Mike learned early on that the best way to escape Ohio was to become a marine biologist.  During college at Wittenberg University he attended a semester at Duke University's Marine Lab — that time only confirmed his love for all things oceanic and maritime.  After graduation, Mike promptly moved to Catalina Island in California where he taught marine biology to school kids.  Since 1999, Mike has been working and traveling chasing his three loves: marine critters, photography, and birds.

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