San Jose del Cabo, Baja California

Dec 16, 2018 - National Geographic Venture

Our voyage thus far has transited the entire Pacific coast of Baja California, and today we rounded the corner to reach the Sea of Cortez. Along the way, we’ve experienced shrubby chaparral, succulent-filled deserts, sand dunes, and lagoons. The Cape region receives more annual rainfall and therefore appears vibrant green in comparison to previous sites.

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Deb Goodwin


Passionate about creating opportunities for explorers of all ages to engage with wild and under-studied places, Deb embraces the power of immersive experiences to inspire curiosity and conservation. Extended backcountry expeditions as a teen jumpstarted this commitment and continue to motivate her travels. No matter the location, she observes the natural environment with a detective’s mindset, seeking to understand how local history, geology, weather, and ecological processes together shape the coastal land- and seascape. 

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