Tierra del Fuego

Nov 27, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

Steaming north on our final leg home, the horizon brought forth a rewarding and welcoming sight of land, sheltered by its sheer cliffs and snow-capped peaks.

As we picked up our pilot for our transit through the Beagle Channel to Ushuaia we were able to sit back and relax with the aroma of coffee in the air and cameras in our hands. All marveling at the stark contrast to the black and white landscape of Antarctica, with the first trees we have seen since we left the mainland all those weeks ago. Keeping our eyes peeled we spotted a single soaring condor in all its beauty.

The lectures for the day included Jenny Kingsley discussing Meet the North, Jessica Farrar emphasizing the importance of sustainable seafood and finally Elise Lockton sharing the gripping story of Amundsen & Scott and the Race to the Pole. 

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Beau Price


Born on Australia’s northern beaches and raised on the coast of tropical Queensland, Beau developed his love for the ocean and all things water at an early age. Forever planning a career revolving around water, he became a PADI Divemaster before graduation and quickly climbed the ranks to become a PADI Master Instructor. During this time, Beau also became the head service technician for several companies and founded NARC’D Diving Services; a commercial diving and marine contracting business. To broaden his experience in the industry, Beau also gained accreditation to become an ADAS Commercial Diver, specializing in demolition and salvage operations. As a result, he has worked on many projects, including flood relief, military training, Hollywood film sets, documentaries and various deep ocean dive operations. Most recently, Beau has secured a coveted position within the Australian Defence Force on their Helicopter Underwater Escape Training team. In addition to his strong passion for the ocean and subsequent diving, Beau is also an avid traveller out of the water, often visiting new countries in his free time. He is proud to say he’s had the opportunity to dive on every continent.

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