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Nov 17, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Today was another day navigating the waters on our way south to the Antarctic continent. Days at sea give us the opportunity to enjoy the amenities aboard National Geographic Orion. Some people enjoyed the gym, sauna, and received a massage from our Wellness Specialist. Others enjoyed the observation lounge/library and took time to do some reading or play board games. The most popular activity during the day was spending time on the bridge. Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic has an open bridge policy, a truly unique opportunity. Being on the bridge offers the best views of the sea, and gives us the chance to learn more about our navigation team. Here’s what we learned about some of our bridge team today:

Sindre, our safety officer, has been working aboard the MV National Geographic Orion since 2017. He enjoys working on expedition ships because he gets to go places in the world that you don’t get to see while working other jobs. He especially loves working on National Geographic Orion because it is a small, cozy ship that’s not too big, and not too small. His favorite food is his father’s baccalow, a Norwegian and Portuguese dish of salted cod with tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. Sindre believes that Sundays are for wearing ties (as seen in photo).

Marlon, our Quartermaster has worked on National Geographic Orion since 2006. He, along with other crew members, came with the ship when it transferred into the hands of Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic. He completed his nautical studies in the Philippines.  For Marlin, the best part about being on the bridge is the good people he works with. He likes being on watch so he can help spot wildlife and know what is around us.  Basketball is his favorite sport to play.

When asked why he likes working on an expedition ship, Navigational Officer Marcus said “obviously because we get to see what we see. And the Orion has 5-star food, which is really important. Food is very important”. Marcus eats both lunch and dinner standing up, as he is working those hours on the bridge. Marcus once worked in a mine in Bolivia where he blew dynamite. 

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Shaylyn Potter

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Shaylyn was born and raised in small-town Oregon, which she credits for her unwavering love and respect for the natural world. Her passion for the outdoors and exploration began at a young age, and she spent her childhood taking full advantage of what Oregon had to offer—waterskiing, snowboarding, hiking, and camping.

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