Fakarava, Tuamotu Archipelago

Jul 29, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

This morning National Geographic Orion anchored in the lagoon of Fakarava, the second biggest atoll of French Polynesia and a UNESCO bioreserve since 1977. Tourism is mainly focused on scuba diving to experience the rich sea life or an amazing drift dive through the southern pass—Fakarava is one of the rare atolls featuring two passes. A leisurely walk or bike ride allowed us to discover the main village of Rotoava, where most of the 850 inhabitants live. A couple of handicraft and pearl vendors were present, although Sunday life is dedicated to church and family.

During lunch the ship was repositioned to the nearby atoll of Toau, inhabited by a single family and rarely visited by travelers. The snorkeling platform allowed us to explore a healthy reef system with a great variety of coral and fish.

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Isa Weber

Cultural Specialist

Born with the travel bug in a small German town, Isa escaped provincial monotony at the age of 20—working for five years on cargo ships allowed her to travel off the beaten path. After several stays in Indonesia she became a secretary at the Foreign Office in Germany and was posted to Kobe, Japan. During a vacation to the islands of Tahiti Isa felt that this was the place where she wanted to drop anchor and moved to Tahiti in 1982.

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