Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier

Aug 11, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

We began our daily expedition by riding Zodiacs to Dawes Glacier. There, we saw several harbor seals, numerous massive waterfalls, more picturesque fjords, and of course, the breathtaking edge of Dawes Glacier amidst hundreds of floating ice chunks of various sizes and shapes. Dawes Glacier is a tidewater glacier, meaning that it ends in the water. A section of this glacier was high above in the fjords, almost falling off into a U-shaped valley below, thus given the name a hanging glacier. As if the incredible scenery wasn’t enough, we also witnessed some calving, and a huge iceberg split in half, rolling around causing huge waves!

Later, we cruised out to a place with icy 40°- 50° water—perfect for an Arctic plunge! Several brave souls dove into the freezing water, and nearly everyone else watched from the bow, laughing & cheering as one by one they tested themselves against several seconds of the salty Alaskan ocean. Amongst the crazy few who leapt in the water were the young, the old, the crazy, the bold, the freezing, and the cold. Overall, we were all ecstatically happy.
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Text by Elsa Moritz, guest (age 13) and Henry Moritz, guest (age 11)

Text by Elsa Moritz, guest (age 13) and Henry Moritz, guest (age 11)

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