Lake Eva and Chatham Strait

Aug 09, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Today was another fantastic Southeast Alaskan day aboard National Geographic Quest. Before breakfast, the ship anchored in a bay on the northern end of Baranof Island. From here, guests explored the land on a hike along the Eva Stream trail, inspecting the status of current salmon runs and admiring the old growth forest that is rarely seen in this region of the Tongass National Forest. Kayaking was also available to investigate the aquatic life found in a tidal lagoon located at the mouth of the stream. Here, the fresh water from Lake Eva mixes with the salt water of the rising tide, creating a very interesting brackish ecosystem. After morning operations, National Geographic Quest headed east out of Peril Strait, encountering a group of bubble-net feeding humpback whales for the third time this week. Field staff estimated the group to contain at least 14 individuals—the largest so far—that swam directly under the ship in pursuit of their baitfish prey.

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JIll Niederberger


Jill grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, California. She has an incredible respect for the ocean that was founded on family vacations to Baja California, and nurtured in the tide pools along the coast of Big Sur.

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Steve Ewing

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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Steve fell in love with the beauty of the natural world at an early age. In addition to nature, his other main passion was telling stories though the medium of television and radio. Steve studied broadcast journalism at the University of Oregon. There, he learned how to shoot, edit, and report compelling stories using digital video.

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