Lake Eva, Alaska

Jul 17, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

National Geographic Sea Bird headed south last evening via Icy, Chatham, and Peril Straits to this morning’s destination, Lake Eva—a beautiful region located on the north end of Baranof Island.

We were treated this morning with pre-breakfast views of a sow and two cubs foraging in the intertidal zone. As the day went on, we spotted numerous bears in the littoral zone as we hiked old-growth forest around Lake Eva.

Sockeye salmon were beginning to return to the lake for spawning, and the watershed was rejoicing. Kayakers and paddleboarders navigated among them in the estuary all afternoon. Back on board, this evening’s recap was interrupted by humpback whales bubble-net feeding. Amazing closure to a wonderful five-day Wild Alaska trip!

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An educator at heart, Dan finds great joy in opening doors for others to explore and connect with the world around them. He has taught marine sciences in the Florida Keys and on Catalina Island, and science and math in international schools in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the South Pacific. 

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