The Strait of Messina & Taormina, Sicily

May 23, 2018 - Sea Cloud

Before dawn the Sea Cloud departed the Tyrrhenian Sea and entered the Ionian Sea via the narrow Strait of Messina, maneuvering around local ferries, freighters, and fishing-crafts before strong currents propelled it into the Messina Harbor. After a bus ride along the stunningly beautiful Sicilian coast, we spent the morning exploring the sites and shops of Taormina before having lunch on the ship. Then, Massimo Bassano regaled the guests with tales of the Mafia before we returned ashore to have dinner at the nearby Castello degli Schiavi, an 18th-century villa that was used as a backdrop for all three of The Godfather films.

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About the Author

Robyn Woodward


Lecturing on expedition ships since 1996 has fueled Robyn’s passion for adventure, discovery, travel, art, and archaeology.  These diverse interests have carried her through several degrees, including a B.A. in the History of Art from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario; a B.Sc. in Conservation of Archaeological Materials from University College, Cardiff, Wales; an M.A. in Nautical Archaeology from Texas A&M; and finally a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, in 2007. 

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