Cruising North in the Sea of Cortez

Apr 10, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

The crepuscular rays broke through the clouds this morning gleaming off the glassywaters of the Sea of Cortez at sunrise and the day continued to get even betteras we cruised north. Our expedition leader and Captain made the collective decision to take advantage of a smooth weather window to cruise to our furthest northern destination for this trip and we encounter some of the iconic marine life throughout the day. Our first close encounter was a few blue whales; the largest living thing to live on earth.  In between several presentation and necessary briefings, we also enjoyed mobula rays swimming next to the ship and jumping out of the water.  Soon afterlunch we were treated to a mega-pod of long-beaked common dolphins chasing fish and leaping out of the water.  As wecontinued north, a few bottlenose dolphins hitched a ride on our ship’s wake and performed several acrobatic leaps.  The day continued with several species of sea birds feeding around the ship and we capped off this incredible day with a spectacular sunset on deck. Onward north for more.

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About the Author

Rich Reid


Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Rich Reid has specialized in environmental and adventure photography for over two decades. On assignment with National Geographic Adventure magazine, he cycled Alaska’s Inside Passage by ferry and explored California’s Gaviota Coast by bike and kayak. North American Nature Photography Association elected Rich as a Fellow for his significant contributions to the nature photography industry, and he was a finalist for the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his time-lapse video documenting forest fire ecology.

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