Bull Point, Falkland Islands

Mar 04, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

The journey from South Georgia had some heft to the seas, but it could not stop us from reaching our destination in the Falkland Islands. Not only did we arrive in fine fashion with lunch being served on the back deck of the National Geographic Explorer, but our landing was one of great rarity. Bull Point is far outside of the normal route of those who make the journey to the Falklands, leaving our guests to set out upon its sandy shores. With penguins and variety of shore birds upon the beach, guests hiked the landscape to seek out the natural treasures that awaited. All while the dive team set out amidst the kelp beds encompassing the bay to discover the vast array of invertebrates on the bottom.

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About the Author

Paul North

Undersea Specialist

Paul North is the founder of the educational nonprofit Meet the Ocean and host of its online podcast. As a polar diver with Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic, he tours the remote underwater landscapes of Antarctica and other sub-zero destinations to emphasize the importance, diversity, and unexpected color of the invertebrate kingdom.

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