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Plan Future Travel With The Assurance Of Flexibility


For many of us, the desire to continue to explore the world and experience its wonders remains strong, despite the need for caution amid the ongoing uncertainty.  Travel dreaming and planning can bridge the gap—filling our hours with pleasure and renewed optimism. We share the yearning for an unfettered future, and we also understand your need for peace of mind. If you’ve traveled with us before, you know we are guided by 10 Principles, the first of which is —“Ensure that everything we do adds value to the guest experience.”


To that end, we offer you the freedom to plan future travel in good faith, and find your good faith honored if future circumstances change your desire or ability to travel.


Our 100% Assured Policy


We are committed to easing concerns and creating flexible options for those interested in exploring with us.



New or Existing Bookings for 2020 Departures: For those who wish to cancel their expedition, we are providing two options:  Our standard cancellation policy is available, should that best suit your needs. Or, for more flexibility, cancel your 2020 expedition at least 24 hours before departure and receive 100% future travel credit for expedition fare paid to be used on any future 2020 or 2021 expedition. Valid for both new and existing 2020 bookings.


Please call 800-EXPEDITION if you have any concerns or questions.


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