When You Imagine What's Next — Where Are You?

We invite you to imagine yourself anywhere here, and let your curiosity lead you further. After all, planning & anticipating travel bring nearly as much joy as traveling itself. And with our Good Faith Guarantee, there’s no risk. Book with confidence—choose where, and pick your date!



Are you HERE, delighted among blue-footed boobies, red-footed boobies tortoises, sea lions & marine iguanas, all not in any way disturbed by your presence?

Galapagos Overview Video

Galapagos Ahhhh moment


Are you in HERE, basking in pristine wildness amid the old growth forests, the otter playgrounds, the bears, eagles and breaching humpback whales?

Alaska Overview Video

Alaska Ahhhh moment


Are you HERE, thinking ‘Pinch me, its midnight, and I’m watching penguins bob by on an iceberg, killer whales feeding off the bow & this hot cocoa is delicious’?

Antarctica Overview

Antarctica Ahhhh moment


Are you HERE, awed by the BIG ice of west Greenland & Canada’s northeast coast? Watching the outline of a new Land appear? Being welcomed by Inuit villagers?

Arctic Overview Video

Arctic Ahhhh moment


Are you HERE in the misted air at the base of Godafoss, aiming for the perfect iphone shot? Hiking a puffin-populated isle? Marveling at Europe’s biggest glacier? Or toe-tapping to an amazing live concert?

Iceland Overview Video

Iceland Ahhhh moment

Baja California

Are you HERE, with moms & calves in Magdalena Bay? Making footprints on a desert isle, waving back at giant cacti? Or in the Sea of Cortez with a super-pod of dolphins leaping around you?

Baja Ahhhh moment

Baja Overview Video



For many of us, the desire to continue to explore the world and experience its wonders remains strong, despite the need for caution amid the ongoing uncertainty.   We share your yearning for  future experiences, and we also understand your need for peace of mind.


So, we offer you the freedom to plan future travel in good faith, and find your good faith honored if future circumstances change your desire or ability to travel.



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